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My Impending Divorce

No, he didn’t cheat on me. And no, I didn’t cheat on him. There’s been no 911 calls, no visits from child services, and no threats to cut off the electricity. So what happened? I took a great new job … Continue reading

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The Friend Incentive

I’ve concocted a commitment device and her name is Nina. She’s a friend who lives one block away, loves to run and can help me get the running stroller and baby down two flights of stairs at 6:30 a.m.. In douchebag Wall Street parlance, it’s win-win: Kid #1 gets fresh air, I get bonding time with the baby and a friend, and my ass might even shrink a bit along the way.
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The Fairness Diaries, Part XX

Making these lists always irked me. It was a reminder that I did more. I wanted my husband to know all the useless yet vital information occupying precious space in my shrinking brain. Who made me the 24-hour manager of our family? Continue reading

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New Study Finds…We’re Busy!

Woke up this morning to yet another new study. I think I mentioned recently how much I hate new studies. Well, this new study claims to have discovered that working parents are too stressed to go to the gym, call a … Continue reading

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Matt Damon Makes Trade-Offs, Too

The “Adjustment Bureau” had a few things goings for it (aside from matt Damon): It was a story about trade-offs, and we love Hollywood movies about economic concepts (yep, we’re those kind of dorks). Matt Damon is told he can be a New York Senator, and even U.S. president if he just gives up true love. Love or Money. Happiness or success. Bliss or bullshit politics.

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Letting-Go Economics

Did you jump into marriage without a thought? Had not a single doubt? Saw no difference between saying I Do to a lifetime of monogamy and saying it to a shoe salesman? If so, stop reading. If not, if you’re … Continue reading

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The Saab Solution

We interviewed hundreds of couples for Spousonomics. We talked to everyone we knew about their marriages. We collected a lot of great stories. Here’s one that shows the value of a smart trade-off. Ever since she was 15, Lindsay had … Continue reading

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The Family Bed(lam)

Photos of a family bed. The opportunity cost of life with two kids? Order, and a bed we can all our own. Continue reading

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Hey Davos, Can I Have My Husband Back? (see update)

It’s not like I could say no. When my husband told me he was invited to Davos, that picturesque Swiss alpine village where Very Important People pay half a million dollars to pretend to work for five days, what could … Continue reading

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10 Things I Don’t Always Feel Like Doing, But I Never Regret Having Done

1. Flossing 2. Going to the gym 3. Eating fruit 4. Playing catch with my kid 5. Writing back 6. Showing up on time 7. Reading Thomas Mann 8. Blogging 9. Saying thank you 10. Having sex Photo courtesy of … Continue reading

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