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Another Take on the Law of Diminishing Orgasms

This was submitted by a reader named Rob. He says he isn’t married, but has a girlfriend, and appears to already have some ideas on where things are headed.

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Why We Suck at Self-Control

We say we’ll save. Instead we buy some kickin’ cowboy boots. We say we’ll diet. We buy a box of munchkins. We say we’ll put out tonight. We knit some socks for Uncle Jimmy. Bottom line: We suck at self-control. … Continue reading

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Signaling for Sex

How do we ask for sex without risking rejection? Effective signals help improve coordination – on teh baseball field, and in the bedroom. Continue reading

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‘Booty Duty’ and a Better Marriage

We met a lot of couples while canvassing the U.S. and prying into people’s sex lives. And we heard all sorts of creative ways to keep the bed springs bouncing: Date nights, sex goals, habits (every Monday at 2, for example).  But one we really liked was booty duty: when one spouse calls for it, the other has to comply. Continue reading

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Sex and the Laffer Curve

The Laffer curve, named for economist Arthur Laffer, is often used to argue in favor of tax cuts. The idea is that the more you increase taxes, the more money you’ll collect–to a point. After that point, which is the peak of the … Continue reading

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Law of Diminishing Orgasms

Few things in marriage demonstrate the law of diminishing returns like sex. Continue reading

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