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Chris Rock Talks Marriage, Opportunity Costs

Sometimes I think Chris Rock and I were separated at birth. It’s like he invented Spousonomics before we did. Check out his explanation of opportunity costs and marriage. “The #1 reason your woman is so angry: You ain’t her first … Continue reading

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Katy Perry Keeps it Hot

“Let’s just say I’m not shy. And I never wear sweats.” Some might see this for what it is: Katy Perry explaining to Us Weekly how she keeps things hot between her and funny man Russell Brand. We, however, see … Continue reading

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Marriage, Moral Hazard, and the Muffin-Top Conundrum

Moral hazard. You might have seen the phrase in the news recently. It’s what some people say played a massive role in the unraveling of the U.S. economy. Moral hazard is a situation in which people with insurance are tempted … Continue reading

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Royal Moral Hazard

So Will was trying to learn new things and impress Kate when he was wooing her. But now that he’s got the girl, well, he can kick back and go shoot some pheasant? That’s what we here at Spousonomics call moral hazard. Continue reading

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