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Stephanie Seymour’s Loss Aversion

According to this item, supermodel Stephanie Seymour and polo-playing Peter Brant have called off nasty divorce proceedings which have included allegations of “infidelity, unfit parenting and drug use”. Seymour returned a Navajo blanket to Brant, a blanket he cherished, and somewhere in that kind act, they realized thing had gotten totally out of control.

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Letting-Go Economics

Did you jump into marriage without a thought? Had not a single doubt? Saw no difference between saying I Do to a lifetime of monogamy and saying it to a shoe salesman? If so, stop reading. If not, if you’re … Continue reading

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Old You vs. New You

I’ve been thinking lately about this concept of status quo bias, our tendency to strongly prefer the here and now and to dread change–so much so that we’ll avoid making difficult decisions altogether. Any change from the status quo can … Continue reading

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How Not to Fight With Your Spouse

Loss aversion is an aversion to losing that is so powerful it drives us to act like lunatics. Ever feel like you’re losing an argument with your spouse? You start doing everything you can to prove your right-ness at all … Continue reading

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