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Busy Wife, Happy Life?

Working moms are apparently happier in their marriages when they’re super busy at work. That might be because their husbands tend to then help out more at home, according to researchers. (And p.s., husbands who do more housework have more … Continue reading

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Who Does What? Not Always So Simple

I’ve written before on this blog how my husband and I divide the housework basically using the theory of comparative advantage: We each do what we’re best at relative to other tasks. I pay the bills, he sweeps the floors. … Continue reading

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8 Chores We Have Learned to be Helpless at Doing

This week, Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and his Columbia professor wife Anya Schiffrin discussed our book in New York Magazine. Bottom line: They liked it. I think I can retire. They did make me think, though, when they brought … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Sure I Like Paying the Bills, AKA The Externalities of Housework

We recently answered readers’ questions on the New York Times’ Freakonomics blog, and one question has stayed with me: How do you weigh the value of physical chores — such as laundry folding and snow shoveling — vs. psychological chores … Continue reading

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Our Division of Labor

It is simply amazing the number of tasks associated with feeding, clothing and preventing bodily harm to two small children. Fortunately, the law of comparative advantage says each person should specialize, rather than dividing everything 50/50 and then bickering forevermore … Continue reading

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You Call This a Division of Labor?

This week, a guest post from Jessie Knadler, a writer and friend who blogs at Rurally Screwed. Since moving from Manhattan to rural Virginia, Jessie, seen hauling a fence post above, has found herself with some unexpected views on married … Continue reading

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My Husband Bought a $500 Vacuum

And I didn’t flinch. Well okay, I flinched. But what was I going to do? The guy is obsessed with clean floors. Also, when he buys things, he likes to buy the best (the vacuum cleaner has a “crush-proof hose” … Continue reading

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