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The Nightly Routine

What do you do every night when you get home? I mean you and your spouse? Like after the kids are in bed? Do you… Watch TV? Retreat to your electronic devices (laptop. ipad, kindle, psp, etc)? Talk? Sit in … Continue reading

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All Benefits, No Costs

Things me and you should do more often that have few, if any, downsides: 1. Take a day off work to do nothing. 2. Practice the ukelele. 3. Cook vegetarian meals. 4. Pet the dog. 5. Swing in the hammock. … Continue reading

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To Do: Make To-Do List for Husband

This is my friend Nancy: And this is her husband Eric: Nancy is leaving Eric in a few days to attend a 9-week yoga teacher training in San Diego. How are they dealing with their impending separation? Like any type-A … Continue reading

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The Economics of a Smaller Butt

Economists would call this bad intertemporal decision-making (a fancy term which m,eans deciding something today that has consequences in the future). No exercise today, clooged aterties tomorrow. Too many Negronis tonight, not enough synapses functioning in the morning.

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Why I Left My Husband Friday Night

The opportunity cost of a night out with friends is a night out with my husband. But I can usually recoup that cost the next night, like by taking my guy out to see Avatar in 3-D. Continue reading

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Why Marriage is Better than a New Pair of Manolos

It only takes a $20,000 buying binge to equal the joys that come from being married Continue reading

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Making Date Night Count

Going on a date night is what we’d call an “active decision” that has the potential to keep the marriage exciting. Active decision-making (getting off the couch and having sex), according to economists, is often a more productive move than passive decision-making (staying on the couch and watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy). Continue reading

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