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Noisy Love

Market noise is that annoying tendency we all have to listen to what everyone else is doing and wonder whether we should be doing the same. And Valentine’s Day is a very noisy holiday. Single people hate it since the world gets to spend all day reminding them that they are single. Married people hate it because it is a forced dose of Hallmark-induced “romance. Continue reading

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Blind Dates and Asymmetric Information

A classic example of the problems that arise from asymmetric information–when one person knows more than another–is the blind date. Continue reading

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“This is the Person I’m Going to Marry”

How long after you met your future spouse did it take you to have that thought? It’s a question we asked people who took our survey (you know, that Exhaustive, Groundbreaking and Very Expensive Marriage Survey we can’t stop talking about?), and … Continue reading

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How to Choose a Husband

Almost twice as many women as men wish they had married someone else, which just proves that men do more research than women before they get married–a quality often confused with commitment-phobia. Continue reading

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