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The Friend Incentive

I’ve concocted a commitment device and her name is Nina. She’s a friend who lives one block away, loves to run and can help me get the running stroller and baby down two flights of stairs at 6:30 a.m.. In douchebag Wall Street parlance, it’s win-win: Kid #1 gets fresh air, I get bonding time with the baby and a friend, and my ass might even shrink a bit along the way.
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To Do: Print Out To-Do List

One of the recurring issues in my marriage is logistics: How to get my husband to remember a date, to call a handyman, to book plane tickets. (And don’t get all critical of me being critical of him–he wouldn’t disagree … Continue reading

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I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

But when do I ever do that? Not long ago, I wrote a blog post for The Wall Street Journal called, “The Secret to a Happy Marriage: Do the Dishes, Put Out, Don’t Talk So Much.” I recommended 5 tips … Continue reading

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Putting Off Proust

I spend too too much time thinking of the millions of things I plan to read and no time reading things like, the newspaper I work for, the blogs I love, the classics I definitely plan to read. The Kindle is a commitment device. To be literate again. Continue reading

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The Economics of a Smaller Butt

Economists would call this bad intertemporal decision-making (a fancy term which m,eans deciding something today that has consequences in the future). No exercise today, clooged aterties tomorrow. Too many Negronis tonight, not enough synapses functioning in the morning.

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Sleep Training, Part II

The first night, I could barely get out of the house. I felt guilty for leaving Tess and equally bad about leaving Thorold. Who walks out on their infant and husband? But he was a star, pointing out that there was no way I would sleep through her crying and he might (he didn’t). Continue reading

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Torture or True Love?

I am not a weak-willed person. I ran three marathons after knee surgery, delivered one of my babies without any drugs and skate outside in subzero temperatures without a hat. But I’ve got to confess. When it comes to listening … Continue reading

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Love Letters, Spousonomics-Style

We dig transparency. It greases the wheels of capitalism and keeps many marriages humming along beautifully. Which is why we love this post by Jenny Rosenstrach on her excellent blog, Dinner, A Love Story.  She kicked off 2011 by writing her … Continue reading

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Blind Dates and Asymmetric Information

A classic example of the problems that arise from asymmetric information–when one person knows more than another–is the blind date. Continue reading

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“This is the Person I’m Going to Marry”

How long after you met your future spouse did it take you to have that thought? It’s a question we asked people who took our survey (you know, that Exhaustive, Groundbreaking and Very Expensive Marriage Survey we can’t stop talking about?), and … Continue reading

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