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5 Ways I Am Too Overconfident

Human beings are overconfident creatures. We think we are smarter, better-looking and better-equipped to handle anything life throws at us than we actually are. Even though I know this – I wrote a chapter about the dangers of it (complacency, not planning for bad outcomes) – I’m still guilty.

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Noisy Love

Market noise is that annoying tendency we all have to listen to what everyone else is doing and wonder whether we should be doing the same. And Valentine’s Day is a very noisy holiday. Single people hate it since the world gets to spend all day reminding them that they are single. Married people hate it because it is a forced dose of Hallmark-induced “romance. Continue reading

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Fighting about Finger Painting

Herd behavior causes booms in the economy which then cause busts in the economy. Bad for economies. Bad for finding a preschool for your pride and joy. Continue reading

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Buffett on Bubbles

Warren Buffet on bubbles and the mess they make. The same can happen in relationships. Continue reading

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