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Amy Poehler’s (Indirect) Marriage Advice

When I’m scared, I tend to retreat or retaliate. But I bet if I looked my husband in the eyes and took his hand every time I was freaking out — about another looming deadline or my inability to prevent my infant from eating toys that are most certainly made with toxic lead levels in China — I’d feel a lot better.
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Midnight Lies

“I don’t mind getting up,” I say. But by 6 a.m., when little Miss Sunshine is up again, it’s apparent I did mind getting up. I’m grumpy, tired and resentful that my other half is not leaping out of bed. I got up at 12, isn’t it all but written on the bedroom wall that it’s his turn? Continue reading

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10 Signs of Marital Market Failure

A week of constant bickering was a pretty powerful sign that our market was failing. We’re working on how to reset it, rejiggering our comparative advantages now that we have two kids instead of one and two careers instead of one and a maternity leave. Continue reading

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Adam Smith, Marriage Counselor

In today’s New York Times Styles section, Jenny talks about what writing a book about marriage did to (and for) her own marriage: No sooner had we started interviewing couples, polling strangers and diving into the research than our marriages … Continue reading

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Hey Davos, Can I Have My Husband Back? (see update)

It’s not like I could say no. When my husband told me he was invited to Davos, that picturesque Swiss alpine village where Very Important People pay half a million dollars to pretend to work for five days, what could … Continue reading

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Marriage Can Save your Life

Troubled relationships can weaken your immune system and increase your risk of heart attack, pneumonia and cancer. Continue reading

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The Last Word

Getting in the last word usually makes fights worse. Continue reading

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The Real Marriage Ref

Here’s a solution you may have overlooked last time you butted heads with your spouse: Let someone else decide which of you is right. That’s what the Web site side taker is all about, only that “someone else” is the entire online community. Continue reading

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Fighting about Finger Painting

Herd behavior causes booms in the economy which then cause busts in the economy. Bad for economies. Bad for finding a preschool for your pride and joy. Continue reading

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