Reviews & Praise for IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S THE DISHES

“One of the most delightful, clever and helpful books about marriage I’ve ever seen.”
- Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love and Committed

“This book — by suggesting that people are not rational, but irrational — turns our thinking about relationships on its head. A stimulating, must read for all of us who want to better understand and improve our love lives.”
John Gottman, bestselling author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

“A brilliant and innovative book. And if you’re a rational consumer, you really have to buy it: A few bucks to improve your marriage? That’s just good decision making.”
- A.J. Jacobs, bestselling author of The Know-It-All and The Year of Living Biblically

“Practical, compelling, and often hilarious, this book highlights economics-based strategies for couples coping with the inevitable annoyances of a relationship. How can you coax him to do chores without nagging? Or change her mind about important decisions, quit yelling at the kids, or step away from the computer? The minute I finished this book, I started to experiment on my husband.”
Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of The Happiness Project

“Two accomplished journalists master a fascinating body of research I’d been hoping to learn more about, then weave it into a narrative that’s a pure pleasure to read. Bravo!”
— Robert H. Frank, author of The Economic Naturalist and Passions Within Reason

“Lets you peer into other people’s relationships, with valuable lessons for your own. A fun and breezy read for anyone who wants to be both smarter about love and wiser about economics.”
Steven Landsburg, author of More Sex is Safer Sex and Armchair Economist

“Using economic theory to explain interactions, the book offers couples real life common sense solutions for some of the knottiest conflicts regularly experienced in marriage. Written with great wit and understanding, it is both very helpful and a pleasure to read. I recommend it highly.”
John W. Jacobs, M.D., author of All You Need is Love and Other Lies About Marriage

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