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“Working from Home”

At Roots Cafe in Brooklyn.

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10 Things You Can Cook in Your Dishwasher

Me again. I know, it’s been a while. But let’s not dwell on the past. Since I last posted, I got a new job, had a new baby and moved into a new house. Do you see a trend? Next … Continue reading

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Babble’s Top 50 Parenting Books

It’s funny, we didn’t think of Spousonomics as a parenting book when we first started writing it. But so many of the couples we interviewed had kids, and so many of their marital issues were intertwined with their roles as … Continue reading

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The Nightly Routine

What do you do every night when you get home? I mean you and your spouse? Like after the kids are in bed? Do you… Watch TV? Retreat to your electronic devices (laptop. ipad, kindle, psp, etc)? Talk? Sit in … Continue reading

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My Performance Review

Is coming up on July 5. That’s when my husband says he’s going to review my performance as a wife over the past year. I pointed out that I didn’t know ahead of time what criteria I was being judged … Continue reading

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Busy Wife, Happy Life?

Working moms are apparently happier in their marriages when they’re super busy at work. That might be because their husbands tend to then help out more at home, according to researchers. (And p.s., husbands who do more housework have more … Continue reading

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My Impending Divorce

No, he didn’t cheat on me. And no, I didn’t cheat on him. There’s been no 911 calls, no visits from child services, and no threats to cut off the electricity. So what happened? I took a great new job … Continue reading

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Who Does What? Not Always So Simple

I’ve written before on this blog how my husband and I divide the housework basically using the theory of comparative advantage: We each do what we’re best at relative to other tasks. I pay the bills, he sweeps the floors. … Continue reading

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Overcoming the 1-Year-Itch

So U.S. divorces are finally leveling off. But the seven-year itch–break-ups that occur roughly seven years into a marriage–persists. Which means it takes the average destined-to-divorce couple 7 years to pull the trigger. I know there are reasons for this: … Continue reading

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Men: Have They all Gone Mad?

I hate to generalize, but WTF?

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