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We Won an Award!

Last night, Spousonomics was named the best relationship book by the Books for a Better Life Award. The event was at the Times Center, Anne Patchett was there, and we won! An award! People read all these awesome books and picked ours. Thrilled would be an understatement. Continue reading

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French Parents Yell, Too

“Cultures” have not figured out parenting. People, namely parents, figure out parenting on a day-to-day, kid-to-kid level (my first child ate raw broccoli and fish; my second will only consume pasta and strawberries). Amy Chua threw us all into a tailspin with her Battle Hymn to tiger parenting. Now Druckerman thinks we should pay homage to the frogs. Continue reading

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Amy Poehler’s (Indirect) Marriage Advice

When I’m scared, I tend to retreat or retaliate. But I bet if I looked my husband in the eyes and took his hand every time I was freaking out — about another looming deadline or my inability to prevent my infant from eating toys that are most certainly made with toxic lead levels in China — I’d feel a lot better.
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Midnight Lies

“I don’t mind getting up,” I say. But by 6 a.m., when little Miss Sunshine is up again, it’s apparent I did mind getting up. I’m grumpy, tired and resentful that my other half is not leaping out of bed. I got up at 12, isn’t it all but written on the bedroom wall that it’s his turn? Continue reading

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How to be a Better Person

There are a lot of ways I could be a better human being. I could try acting like my husband hadn’t committed treason every time he leaves a table of dirty breakfast dishes. I could remember that it is a 2-year old rite of passage to ask “Why?” 7000 times a day before I snap and respond, “It just is, okay?” Continue reading

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The Friend Incentive

I’ve concocted a commitment device and her name is Nina. She’s a friend who lives one block away, loves to run and can help me get the running stroller and baby down two flights of stairs at 6:30 a.m.. In douchebag Wall Street parlance, it’s win-win: Kid #1 gets fresh air, I get bonding time with the baby and a friend, and my ass might even shrink a bit along the way.
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Mother’s Day Mayhem

This Mother’s Day, I’m taking some advice from the book. I’m saying exactly what I want for Mother’s Day. The chance to sleep in. Coffee and breakfast in bed. And handmade cards from every member of the family. Continue reading

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The Fairness Diaries, Part XX

Making these lists always irked me. It was a reminder that I did more. I wanted my husband to know all the useless yet vital information occupying precious space in my shrinking brain. Who made me the 24-hour manager of our family? Continue reading

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Confessions of a DVD Dork

So a few days ago, I bought a pilates DVD. The kind you do at home. When you have no life. Or two kids. Buying the video bummed me out. Continue reading

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My Perfect Family, and Other Delusions

There’s a name for this particular brand of self-delusion. It’s called confirmation bias: Our tendency to look for evidence that confirms our beliefs or decisions while actively disregarding or ignoring any evidence that might challenge that which we wish to be true. Continue reading

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