Why Marriage is Better than a New Pair of Manolos

We don’t want to put a price tag on marriage, but someone else did, and we thought you should know about it.

A recent article by Stephanie Rosenbloom in the New York Times examines new research on how much happiness we derive from buying things, most notably that it only takes a $20,000 buying binge to equal the joys that come from being married.

That seems kind of low to us. But then again, we generally like being married.

Not that the article doesn’t have some useful takeaways, like the fact that spending on activities makes us happier than spending on objects, and spending on activities with others makes us happier than spending on solo trips.

You know where we’re going with this right? Bag the big screen TV and get out the tents. It’s time for a family camping trip.

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One Response to Why Marriage is Better than a New Pair of Manolos

  1. $20,000 per year ? Month ?
    Also, the novelty of stuff wears off, so then come the costs of the time & energy spent in getting rid of the bought stuff…

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