My Impending Divorce

No, he didn’t cheat on me. And no, I didn’t cheat on him. There’s been no 911 calls, no visits from child services, and no threats to cut off the electricity.

So what happened? I took a great new job with an awful commute. Let me break it down for you: 3 subways and a bus. Twice a day, every day.

I hate commuting, but I only just learned that it’s actually bad for your health and your marriage. Commuting, according to this article in Slate, “correlates with an increased risk of obesity, divorce, neck pain, stress, worry, and sleeplessness. It makes us eat worse and exercise less.”

One study estimates that each minute spent commuting is associated with “a 0.0257 minute exercise time reduction, a 0.0387 minute food preparation time reduction, and a 0.2205 minute sleep time reduction.”

Well that’s just great.

Working longer hours is already bound to put a strain on my marriage (on the other hand, the extra money might go toward a new car, which my husband has been grousing about since we bought our awesome 1997 Toyota Corolla that has had ZERO problems and four robust wheels that get us from point A to B, but whatever). Add to that me becoming an obese, insomniac, humorless commuter who survives on hot pockets and pizza bagels, and bitches about being groped by an accordian player on a crowded subway platform, and this is not a recipe for domestic bliss.

Let me look at the bright side. Wait, I can’t think of one.

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5 Responses to My Impending Divorce

  1. It’s ironic because I commute one hour plus and I use that time for reading. Guess which book I’m reading now?

    What strategy would you suggest to get my wife to stop overusing credit cards?

    • Paula says:

      Let’s start with the basics: Have you told her you think she’s “overusing” the credit cards? Next, have you each discussed what the definition of “overusing” is? Seems likely that she might have a different idea than you do. If so, I’d suggest coming to some compromise number that both you and she agree to keep your purchases limited to.

  2. Yes, I have told her. But her definition of a limit comes from some other universe. It would be embarrasing to admit how much she has actually spent. There is definitely moral hazard involved; someone will bail us out – relatives, loans, God.

  3. angela says:

    The bright side is that you have an awesome new job.

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