To Do: Print Out To-Do List

One of the recurring issues in my marriage is logistics: How to get my husband to remember a date, to call a handyman, to book plane tickets. (And don’t get all critical of me being critical of him–he wouldn’t disagree with this assessment!) I have a knack for keeping a lot of meaningless stuff in my head at once, I thrive on multitasking and I think everything needs to be done right away, not tomorrow. Nivi’s different. Since we’re married, it’s no surprise that this occasionally becomes a sticking point.

We’ve tried a lot of techniques. For a while, the rule was I had to put a date in his Google calendar if I wanted him to remember it (he eventually stopped looking at his calendar). There was a period when he carried a clipboard in his backpack with a paper on top containing his to-do list (I have no idea what happened to that clipboard). Texting was another method he suggested if I absolutely needed him to pay attention to something (turns out, he doesn’t get all my texts–weird). And for a few months, he swore an index card in his back pocket was the solution to all our problems (it wasn’t). Here’s his latest:

He found this template on some website and for some reason it moved him. Something about the design I think. Anyway, he brought home a bunch of printed-out cards the other night, all excited to show me. “I thought we could leave one on the kitchen counter each night and in the morning you could write down anything you need me to do that day!”

I’m charmed, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

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