The Friend Incentive

There are plenty of scarce resources in my house. The top one is time.

Here’s my morning: I wake up early, feed the baby, play with her, shower, wake and feed the toddler, make lunch for the toddler, put the baby down for her first nap, explain to the 2-year-old why I have to go to work, then run out the door in a tizzy for the office. I work for 9 hours. I race home, I immediately put the baby to bed, play with the toddler for a few minutes and then initiate the evening ritual of bath, stories, three lullabies and 100 kisses.

Exercise is not happening a lot. If I were to exercise, I’d miss out on precious time with my kids or valued time with my husband. Or so I tell myself. But my ass is not getting smaller. And the “baby” isn’t really a good excuse anymore. What’s a mom dreading bathing suit season to do?

Use economics, of course.

I’ve concocted a commitment device. Her name is Nina. She’s a friend who lives one block away, loves to run and can help me get the running stroller and baby down two flights of stairs at 6:30 a.m. In douche bag, Wall Street parlance, it’s win-win: the baby gets fresh air, I get bonding time with the her and my friend, and I won’t have to dread hauling my backside into a bathing suit by June.

Now if I could just stop rewarding myself with donuts, I’ll be set.

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One Response to The Friend Incentive

  1. Victoria says:

    I know this point of this post was incentives, and I love the blog.

    But your ass will be fine whether or not you exercise! It’s ok, legitimate, smart, sane, whatever to make a choice to do something other than exercise – and to accept your ass as it is on any given day. :)

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