All Benefits, No Costs

Things me and you should do more often that have few, if any, downsides:

1. Take a day off work to do nothing.
2. Practice the ukelele.
3. Cook vegetarian meals.
4. Pet the dog.
5. Swing in the hammock.
6. Get a babysitter.
7. Turn the TV off.
8. Sit on the stoop.
9. Make pancakes.
10. Wander.

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4 Responses to All Benefits, No Costs

  1. Justin Bassett says:

    The main cost of those items is the opportunity cost. The cost of taking a day off is the utility I would have gained from the next-best option – going in to work and getting things done.

    The cost of practicing ukulele is the value whatever my next-best option would be with that time – say, going to a Yankee game.

    • Paula says:

      True, true. Definitely can’t ignore opportunity costs, but still, the opportunity cost of staying home from work — being at work — still pretty low!

  2. Yaniv Nord says:

    yes, please. any time.

  3. Jen says:

    #6 (get a babysitter) – on the schedule for saturday night, yay! (and our friends canceled our plans on us but no way am i giving up the night out so we’ll just figure out something else to do.) #9 (make pancakes) – on the schedule for wednesday night, breakfast for dinner. yum. trying red velvet pancakes to make it fancier and therefore dinner-worthy. this also takes care of #3 (cook a vegetarian meal), as long as i don’t make bacon with it – which i might do but don’t have to. So if i accomplish 30% of these items in one week i think i can feel pretty good about that. thanks for making me feel a little better about myself for a few minutes!

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