Confessions of a DVD Dork

I used to run a lot. A couple of miles, a lap or two around Central Park, three marathons. I also used to ride my bike, roller blade, play tennis and swim.

Now the most exercise I get is racing home to put my kids to bed.

So a few days ago, I bought a pilates DVD. The kind you do at home. When you have no life. Or two kids.

Buying the video bummed me out. I used to think people who exercised at home were kind of lame. Scared of the gym. Intimidated by the great outdoors. Not motivated enough to get out of the house.  I am those people now, and I realize they are probably none of the above. They’re probably just landlocked.

I need to stop fixating on the days when a good workout was defined by double-digit mileage. I’m anchoring to the past, expecting things to stay the same when life obviously changes. It’s not 2008. I’m not in kickin’ shape. In fact, I think I might have pulled a muscle sleeping the other night.

But I do have two gorgeous girls and the best husband in the world. So time to rip that anchor up.

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6 Responses to Confessions of a DVD Dork

  1. Jay says:

    Look up CrossFit. 15 minutes a couple times a week is all you need. It’s high intensity interval training. It’ll leave you feeling and looking great. And no equipment necessary! (Search the web for bodyweight WOD).

  2. Jessie K says:

    As someone who has an alphabetized library of fitness DVDs from Baron Baptiste to Tai Bo to Tracy Anderson, I can attest that those who work out at home often do it because their local fitness options suck major.

    Tai Bo seems like cutting edge exercise physiology compared to the gym classes around here!

  3. Jessie K says:

    But as a Pilates instructor I will say this: Pilates DVDs are the worst.

    • Jenny says:

      Oh no, really? What’s a stuck-at-home mom who loves pilates to do?

      • Laura says:

        Melissa Roach has a good pilates video out- it’s homemade, but a good workout. You can get it at The Body Shop in East Hampton- if you’re ever out that way, you should catch her mat class on Sunday morning.

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