Confessions of a DVD Dork

I used to run a lot. A couple of miles, a lap or two around Central Park, three marathons. I also used to ride my bike, roller blade, play tennis and swim.

Now the most exercise I get is racing home to put my kids to bed.

So a few days ago, I bought a pilates DVD. The kind you do at home. When you have no life. Or two kids.

Buying the video bummed me out. I used to think people who exercised at home were kind of lame. Scared of the gym. Intimidated by the great outdoors. Not motivated enough to get out of the house.  I am those people now, and I realize they are probably none of the above. They’re probably just landlocked.

I need to stop fixating on the days when a good workout was defined by double-digit mileage. I’m anchoring to the past, expecting things to stay the same when life obviously changes. It’s not 2008. I’m not in kickin’ shape. In fact, I think I might have pulled a muscle sleeping the other night.

But I do have two gorgeous girls and the best husband in the world. So time to rip that anchor up.

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