Sex and the Laffer Curve

The Laffer curve, named for economist Arthur Laffer, is often used to argue in favor of tax cuts. The idea is that the more you increase taxes, the more money you’ll collect–to a point. After that point, which is the peak of the Laffer curve, you’ll actually start to make less money because people will just opt out, figuring the tax rate is too high to bother working any harder.

What this has to do with sex, I’m still trying to figure out. But there’s clearly a connection. Readers, help me out here.

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One Response to Sex and the Laffer Curve

  1. Kevin says:

    Interest. Availability of “never” and “always” can both lead to declining interest. The general events of life will probably do a good job keeping availability from “always”, so it is up to each person to keep it from sliding too far towards “never”.

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