Putting Off Proust

I love books. But last month I caved and bought a Kindle. It wasn’t an impulse buy. Nor was it a lame attempt to be tech savvy (Paula will tell you I’m a lost cause). It was the pathetic realization that I spend too much time trying to decide what to read and not enough time reading.

It was a friend with a 4-week old baby who inspired me. We were on the playground, policing our two-year olds and praying our infants would sleep long enough to finish our conversation. She told me she’d read 4 books in 2 weeks. I was dubious. Had she kidnapped the children she so boldly claimed to be hers, I asked. Cause new moms don’t read novels. Or biographies. Or anything except U sWeekly.

She chalked it up to the Kindle. “I could never decide what to read. Now I have the things I want to read on the Kindle and I just turn it on and start reading.”

Wait! That was me, frittering away free time deciding what to read rather than reading.  I needed a commitment device. I bought a Kindle and two novels later, I feel like a literary superstar.

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3 Responses to Putting Off Proust

  1. Jessie K says:

    I find myself in a similar situation: To buy or not to buy a Kindle? Though my issue boils down to space. My house is rather small. There is no more room on the bookshelves. What Kindle do you suggest? (Wi-fi vs not?)

  2. Melanie S says:

    I got a Kobo (similar to Kindle) for Christmas and it’s been wonderful. I can read with one hand while breastfeeding. I’m flying through the books!

  3. Reanna Nygaard says:

    I bought my NookColor for almost the same reasons. 1) I can carry my entire collection of books with me, 2) I can read what I want, when I want to. 3) I can take notes, post quotes, highlight, and bookmark passages for discussions later with fellow bookworms.

    Add in the use of a few handy applications found on the web and I get the more lengthy RSS feeds (NYTimes) sent to my Nook each morning before I even wake up.

    I’ll never have to justify taking up more room with yet another book purchase and I can even buy more books because e-books are cheaper then hardcover or paperback. Another bonus, the availability of free books is astounding so there is no reason to be without new material to read and discuss.

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