Matt Damon Makes Trade-Offs, Too

Last Thursday, Paula and I flew to Toronto to do some media events for the book. The trip got off to a rocky start. It was pissing with rain, our plane left 5 hours late, we endured some crazy turbulence and we arrived at our hotel at 3 am.

When we woke up a few hours later, it was clear all our media gigs were off. A 9.0-magnitude earthquake and a tsunami had hit Japan. Every news organization on the planet was scrambling to give viewers critical information about such a horrible human tragedy.

So we went to the movies. You read that right: We went to Canada to go to the movies (we also had some sushi).

We chose “The Adjustment Bureau” for a few reasons. There aren’t many movies at 12:30 in the afternoon, and even fewer with hot leading men like Matt Damon.  It wasn’t a great movie. Paula could be heard saying, “Are you kidding?” throughout the second half.

But it had a few things goings for it: It was a story about trade-offs, and we love Hollywood movies about economic concepts (yep, we’re those kind of dorks). Matt Damon is told he can be a New York Senator, or even U.S. president–if he just gives up true love. Love or Money. Happiness or success.  Bliss or bullshit politics. Those are some pretty intense trade-offs.

We won’t tell you how it ends. But since the film was made in Hollywood and was meant to be a big hit, you can probably guess. Clearly Mr. Damon read Spousonomics.

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One Response to Matt Damon Makes Trade-Offs, Too

  1. meg says:

    only you could find something good (and economic) about that movie. what a piece of poo it was!

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