5 Ways I Am Too Overconfident

Human beings are overconfident creatures. We think we are smarter, better-looking and better-equipped to handle anything life throws at us than we actually are. Even though I know this – I wrote a chapter about the dangers of overconfidence (complacency, not planning for bad outcomes) – I’m still guilty.

My overconfidence confession list:

1) My kid is a charming and adorable genius. Of course she will get into our favorite preschool (even if there are 200 families competing for the one morning slot not taken by a sibling or legacy child).

2) I will resume a vigorous exercise schedule before returning to work after my maternity leave.

3) We will travel to exciting, far-off places even though we have two kids under 3.

4) I will cook dinner at least four nights a week.

5) My second kid will sleep through the night by 4 months.

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2 Responses to 5 Ways I Am Too Overconfident

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wooooo whooo, I laugh! 10 year and three kids later its still a good goal, especially the sleeping bit!

  2. Anna says:

    I have similar goals (and a 16 month old at home) and found that Emealz (recommended by Dave Ramsey) rocked my dinner-cooking world. And saved me money! Plus, it’s helping us keep realistic vegetable eating/NOT spending money on fast food goals.

    Good luck!

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