How Not to Fight With Your Spouse

Loss aversion is an aversion to losing that is so powerful it drives us to act like lunatics. Ever feel like you’re losing an argument with your spouse? You start doing everything you can to prove your right-ness at all costs? You dig in deeper, insist on justice, hang on until you’re both delirious? Some 34% of people we surveyed say they sometimes keep arguing with their spouse even after they know they’re wrong. The same percentage keep arguing even after they can’t remember what they’re arguing about. This is sad. And counterproductive. Believe me, I know from experience. Don’t end up like me. Watch this, and for more tips on improving your marriage, buy our book. It’s quick, and funny, and filled with pictures:

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2 Responses to How Not to Fight With Your Spouse

  1. ManWifeDog says:

    Oh my God, we’ve been there, and back, and there AGAIN! In fact just the other day I wrote an open letter to my husband on my blog begging that we stop fighting over driving EVERY TIME we’re in the car!

    Paula I love you, this is awesome!

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