Noisy Refrigerators

Another example of market noise getting in the way of my decision making and confidence: Our refrigerator. Charli Penn, over at Man Wife & Dog, has unwittingly tapped into one of my relationship insecurities with her post on what her fridge says about her and her husband. Among other things: They love kids, dogs, travel and takeout. You know what our refrigerator says about us? That we’re due for cleanings at the dentist and like to save money on organic milk:

Don’t you want to be our friend?

I love Charli, just like I love all my other friends whose fridges overflow with family photos, political slogans and framed pictures of them strolling on the beach with their partners. But I HATE their fridges! All I can think of is how utterly devoid of love and romance my marriage must be. Do we have no loved ones we want to be reminded of when we go for the Tropicana? Why have we not bothered printing any pictures of us in connubial poses? Because we suck, and we’re doomed, that’s why. Thanks refrigerator friends, thanks a lot.

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4 Responses to Noisy Refrigerators

  1. ManWifeDog says:

    You’re welcome. Okay here’s how it will go down, Phase 1: When we meet up (soon I hope!) I will take a photo of you two because as you can see I take photographs of EVERYTHING. I will go home and print it, and steal a corny magnet from our fridge door and stuff them together in my purse on hold for phase 2 of the plan. Phase 2: Another time you’ll have me over for dinner and I will sneak off into your kitchen during the meal and put it up dead center on your fridge. (Hey, it will be a start!) After that you’ll be forced to invite us over for dinner weekly just to build your collection. LOL! Just kidding, not EVERY week! Ha!

    Thanks for the link love, Paula! (And for sharing your fridge photo too!)

  2. Elaine says:

    I call my fridge the haunted, due to the noise it makes. My neighbor had to return two new fridges due to the weird noises coming out of hers. If they can send a man to the moon, they can certainly make fridges that don’t make weird noises. I think I’ll video mine along with snippets of my snoring cat and send it to Americas Funniest Videos!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    What they don’t tell you is all the times they are having to pick up stuff that falls when they open the door to the fridge.

    I used to have stuff on my fridge but for some reason the magnets just wouldn’t hold the pictures/notes/coupons/appointment reminders etc. So not I just buy really pretty picture frames for my photos with loved ones and place them around the house, the coupons now go in a drawer and the appoitments and notes go in my hand held calendar. No more picking up my neice’s photo and a Dallas Cowboys 2010 season schedule fridge magnet from the ground just because I want to get a glass of O.J.

  4. I don’t even have as much as you have on my fridge–two magnetic bottle openers and one coupon for almond milk. And perhaps the romance that my husband and I have is different from other people’s romance, but it works for us–we’re quite happy and in-tune despite our lack of refrigerator flotsam :D

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