Noisy Love

No, not that kind.

I’m talking about market noise, that annoying tendency we all have to listen to what everyone else is doing and wonder whether we should be doing the same. And what more noisy holiday exists than Valentine’s Day? Single people hate it since the world gets to spend all day reminding them that they are single. Married people hate it because it is a forced dose of Hallmark-induced “romance” with everyone checking out the gorgeous yellow roses someone else got. When we were on Bloomberg TV yesterday, Matt, the host, lamented that he had to do something for his girlfriend. Depressing.

I confess, I went out to dinner last night. But you know why? Because my mother was in town and offered to babysit. And I never, ever, refuse free babysitting. But we felt badly for all those couples who were trying to gin up the love because it was Valentine’s Day. Seems dinner and flowers on June 12th might seem more romantic. And certainly less noisy.

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3 Responses to Noisy Love

  1. Ryan says:

    You tell ‘em, Jenny! And tell the people in my facebook network that are bragging about their awesome Valentine’s Day date, too.

    (Full discretion: My wife and I went out too.)

  2. ManWifeDog says:

    I agree that it’s a Hallmark sponsored holiday for sure, but I also admit that I still look forward to it. My husband is pretty romantic most days anyway, but I like that he has a holiday where he feels like he has to step his game up a little. But ironically, he would agree totally with you. We fight every year about whether or not the holiday is even for men at all. He say, “no way”. I even blogged about it and put up a poll!

    Interesting results!

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