Subtitles We Didn’t Use

  • A Guide to Favorable Currency Exchange in Relationships
  • Finding Surplus in a Deficit Relationship
  • A Guide for Partners to Reduce Costs and Increase Benefits
  • A Guide to Increasing Your Bond and Your Lover’s Yield
  • A Treasury of Advice for the Committed Couple
  • Buy This Book So The Last 3 Years of Our Lives Weren’t a Waste
  • How the Hidden Economics of Relationships Can Build a Happier Marriage
  • Maximizing Emotional Gains in an Economy of Two
  • How Your Relationship Can Profit From 10 Principles of Economics
  • Investing in the Future of Your Marriage
  • A Better Return on Love
  • The Arbitrage of Marriage
  • Supplying Affection, Demanding Respect
  • Improving Returns on Your Marriage
  • Making the Most of your Domestic Product
  • Why Economists Think Going to Bed Angry Can Save Your Marriage
  • Using the Dismal Science to Decide Who Does the Dishes–And Improve Your Marriage
  • Why the Laffer Curve is the Key to a Healthy Love Life
  • How the Hidden Economics of Relationships Can Build a Happier Marriage
  • Security, Volatility and How to Make Marriage Work
  • How 10 Basic Economic Principles Can Save Your Marriage
  • How Economics Can Save Your Marriage
  • Read This Book: You Won’t Regret It

Readers, did we make the right decision? Any other contenders we should’ve considered?

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