Chris Rock Talks Marriage, Opportunity Costs

Sometimes I think Chris Rock and I were separated at birth. It’s like he invented Spousonomics before we did. Check out his explanation of opportunity costs and marriage. “The #1 reason your woman is so angry: You ain’t her first choice!” Friends, that’s a problem of opportunity costs, what you have to give up to get something else.

And here he is talking about marriage and moral hazard. His theory (apparently based on the experience of being married seven years): Once you get married, you stop having oral sex. Why make the effort when your spouse isn’t going anywhere? To keep this blog PG-13-rated, I’ll refrain from quoting him exactly, but I urge you to watch this:

More Chris Rock lectures on marriage and economics to come…

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5 Responses to Chris Rock Talks Marriage, Opportunity Costs

  1. devo says:

    no link for chris rock?

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  3. realdeal says:

    Chris rock once said that the major reason why a lot of women are frustrated in their marriages is because they spent their youth in college sleeping with jocks, hot shots, and top dog alpha males only to get their hearts broken when those men at the top of the food chain refused to commit, then when they hit their 30s they had to settle for pointdexter…

    btw check out the film Blue Valentine.

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