Hey Davos, Can I Have My Husband Back? (see update)

It’s not like I could say no.

When my husband told me he was invited to Davos, that picturesque Swiss alpine village where Very Important People pay half a million dollars to pretend to work for five days, what could I do? “No, I’d prefer that you stay home and wait for the next nasty virus to infect our happy, healthy-for-a-day family?” I could, and I might have, but eventually I said, “Go. We’ll be fine.”

Now he’s there. And I’m here, snowbound with two sick kids. And I am struggling not to be mad. Because I’m not really fine. I’m haggard and harried and dreading each night with every fiber in my body (the tag team effort of my two children to wake-up every 32 seconds is truly Olympian). I’m behind on my work, trapped in the purgatory that is preschool “playdate” season, and the thought of him drinking Hot Toddies and hanging with Bono is making me a little crazy.

But I’ve got tools, and I’m using them, dammit. I know that life isn’t always fair, and taking the fairness temperature every second is a deadly game in a (hopefully) long and happy marriage (Spousonomics, Chapter 6). I’m going to take the long view, the marathon, not  sprint, approach (Chapter 9). I’m going to be smiley, not grouchy, because that’s a way better incentive to get what I want (Chapter 5).

It will balance out. Someday. Sure, he’s hobnobbing while I’m reading Mother Goose for the 400th time and wondering if sledding on NYC sidewalks is inadvisable for sick kids (don’t answer that, please). But one day, someone will invite me to Davos and I’ll hop abroad their private jet like it’s no one’s business. It’s not like my husband can say no.

Hey, it’s me again. I only had to wait a few hours before the fairness pendulum swung back my way. Since I’m on maternity leave, and not in Davos, I had the rare chance to go and enjoy the snow with my kids today. Tess got to touch the snow and I taught Ella how to make a whizbang snowball. Tired as I was, traipsing around the toddler-sized snowbanks of the West Village was magical.

And have you ever seen such a snow angel? As MasterCard might say, priceless.

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