Katy Perry Keeps it Hot

“Let’s just say I’m not shy. And I never wear sweats.”

Some might see this for what it is: Katy Perry explaining to Us Weekly how she keeps things hot between her and funny man Russell Brand.

We, however, see a fascinating and nuanced commentary on moral hazard, or the risk that we act recklessly because we are insured. Banks buy crappy assets because the government will bail them out.  Smokers leave cigarettes burning in ashtrays because hey, that’s what fire insurance is for, right?

Which raises the unsettling question: Is marriage the ultimate moral hazard? Since we promise to stick together through sickness and health, bad debts and impossible teenagers, what’s the point in getting all gussied up and having sex whenever it strikes his fancy? Maybe getting married is a blank check to stop exercising, start eating lemon tarts for breakfast and give up all efforts at interesting conversation.

Or, maybe marriage is the perfect excuse to invest, every day, in improving your partnership. Didn’t you put a lot of work into landing the girl? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a great 50-year marriage? Isn’t it awesome to feel slinky and sexy with the same guy who sees you sleep in his college track t-shirt?

We’re not going to get Katy on you and tell you not to wear sweats. (I happen to be wearing some now, which I blame on having two kids under three). But can you really go wrong making a little more effort?

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