“This is the Person I’m Going to Marry”

How long after you met your future spouse did it take you to have that thought?

It’s a question we asked people who took our survey (you know, that Exhaustive, Groundbreaking and Very Expensive Marriage Survey we can’t stop talking about?), and the answers actually floored us:

41.4% said that after only a few days they were ready to commit.

15.8% said it was love at first sight.

34.9% said it took “a while”.

7.9% said they were actually never sure but they took the plunge anyway. (Um, really?)

The next step would be to see if there’s a connection between how quickly people decide to get married and how long their marriages last. Then we could come up with an algorithm for the optimal wait time. And we could sell it for a lot of money.

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One Response to “This is the Person I’m Going to Marry”

  1. David says:

    Over half of respondents thought that they might marry their future spouse either immediately or within a few days!? That is shocking to me. I agree that it would be very interesting to see the future divorce rates for the different cohorts.

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